About Node.JS (next course) and AngularJS

Here, we few, (Edmund, Fabio, David, Mike, Sid, and Robert), in the Spring of 2019, in an introductory Node JavaScript Class, are going to share LINKS, Lessons Learned, and respond to each other in this Forum. NodeJS is just JavaScript that is driven outside the DOM restrictions or the Web Browser (or, of course, any Responsive functions to a API calls or Apps). NodeJS is not a Language, Framework, nor Library. Rather, it's the environment that drives coding. This course constantly returns to the Theory and Syntax that drives JavaScript. And Classes; we can't forget them -- as they form the basis of TypeScript (which is class based JavaScript). Welcome all. We are here learn about what and "how" Node JavaScript works.
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About Node.JS (next course) and AngularJS

Post by FabioSantiago » Wed Feb 27, 2019 1:30 pm

I should be able to make both courses as long as both are one day a week. Otherwise I might stay only with the next NodeJS (Advance). It is hard for me to keep up with 3 days of classes during the week, plus reading and practicing. This is my take, please feel free to proceed as the group decides.

If we decide to have one day for NodeJS and one day for AngularJS, Monday and Wednesday would work best for me. We are rested and get the work done upfront in the work week, but I am open for Tuesday and Thursday. However I already have some thing scheduled for 3/7.

I also like the idea of 3 hours classes instead of 4 hours with 4 weeks time frame instead of 3 weeks.

Just my thoughts and suggestions.

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Re: About Node.JS (next course) and AngularJS

Post by james » Thu Feb 28, 2019 4:53 pm

I had to keep the same name (Node.js Basic) in order to pull off a new class in such short time. This class will start off with an introduction to Node on the first day and from there carry on where we end (tonight) ... and from there speed up. I will post more on this thread about how the class is organized.

Node.js Basics 75559 WEBT-7425 3/26 - 4/30, 6x Tu 6:00p - 10:00p CY (24 hrs, $289)

{ To Register, Call 972 985-3711 | Ask for Course Registration Number 75559 }

I will update this topic as I find out more...

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