2019 JS Frameworks...worth looking at?

We are trying to get a seat at the cool kid's table. Important to becoming a good programmer is the ability to READ code; to accept, understand, and follow the reasoning the syntax takes us; one more time: we follow the code like we might follow a great story by any of a number great English authors. Likewise we learn to read the NodeJS solutions in JavaScript. Hence we become ONE with the code and relax.
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Re: 2019 JS Frameworks...worth looking at?

Post by james » Fri Apr 12, 2019 11:32 am

That's a good article. We have seen Angular and Express (both on the list). It all comes down to the basic language of JavaScript.... JavaScript has established itself as THE GOTO Language of the Internet. (Perhaps I'm bias because I teach the subject ... in fact, next month I start up another intro course in the subject).

Check out this the stack overflow 2019 survey (link at the bottom) .... scroll down to the "Technology" section and see what the HOTTEST languages for web developers is .... ( JavaScript, HTML, and CSS ).

Secondly, let's not forget TypeScript (ES6 JavaScript with Class OOP) .... we can't forget that....

Yep.... JavaScript is King .... and he has lots of brother and sister frameworks at his side....


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