Why I'm taking CSS

Here is where Eric, Lu, Ruchi, Preston, Srinivas, Holli, Ruchi, Shilpa, and James come together learn about a very overlooked (complex) web development structure. CSS is a collection of code statements that direct the visual and functional response of a website. It formats and specifies the (magical) transformation that occur in the web browser. Over the past few years it has defined the specifications that direct both the HTML and JavaScript inside this browser; that is, it influences much more than just visually (as it use to). Therefore it's absolutely necessary to understand the syntax of CSS to fully control what gets presented on the web. CSS has a one line, simple, and direct syntax; but, what's inside each of a simple top-level items (there are three of them) control thousands of design choices for your websites.
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Why I'm taking CSS

Post by Vanamonde3900 » Sun Oct 28, 2018 10:15 pm

I have two sites www.civildefensemuseum.com and www.cosmicool.com
The civil defense museum is almost 20 years old and cosmicool isn't as old but still needs to be completed.
I guess I would sum up the two sites and "two vastly different aspects of the same time period"
Both sites are hobby sites.

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Re: Why I'm taking CSS

Post by james » Wed Oct 31, 2018 2:53 pm

Nice intent ... good projects.

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