Day One Pictures -- Whiteboard info, Don't You love Acronyms?

JavaScript Programming is the glue that holds together the HTML 5 and the CSS 3. These two technologies have been designed with "hooks" for the JavaScript Framework to connect to and exchange data. JavaScript is a Simple, Easy, straight-forward Language. Although it's original purpose was much simpler than it has grown to be; it is HIGHLY supported with transpilers, frameworks, library plugins, and a HUGE amount of API's. These extra Languages and Frameworks get Transpiled (TypeScript) into good old fashioned JavaScript (vs. ES5).
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Day One Pictures -- Whiteboard info, Don't You love Acronyms?

Post by james » Sun Sep 23, 2018 9:35 pm

(A) In JavaScript, one "equals" (=) is an assignment ... like x = 2; "two equals" (==) is a comparison; like, does x equal 2? (X == 2)

(B) $('p') ... this symbol grabs all the P tags out of the website ...we will do something to those P tags. Also known as jQuery.

(C) Dynamic websites use programs (written in PHP, Java, .Net, etc.) to create HTML files that get pushed to the Client.

(D) Defined below.

(E) A web server is a programming system with a database that support Client interactions (you, the visitor).

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Terms from D {above}

IDE = Integrated Development Environment, Where you do your work. (MS Word is your document IDE)
AJAX = Asynchronous JavaScript and XML, background server connection. Your browser talks to the its server when it wants.
STATE = The condition of the values in a computer (or network) at any particular time. The Internet is a STATELESS medium.
TypeScript = Advanced JavaScript with Class Based OOP. Also, known as ES6 and ES7.
Construct = A Mathematical structure in Programming.
Service = A larger (outside) process which a function can connect.
Cloud = memory ... it's that simple. Getting to the Cloud, is not so simple as memory; but, in the clouds, you can do things.
Full Stack = includes client and server; the Browser and the Client are designed as one solution, not just another web page.
CMS = Content Management System (like WordPress), The framework of a full sized functional website, with a dB.
HTML Element = The beginning tag, the middle content and the ending tag in an *.html file.
DOM = Document Object Model (The path to any HTML Element in a website)
API = Application Programming Interface, a connection Language to the Internet.


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Re: Day One Pictures -- Whiteboard info, Don't You love Acronyms?

Post by norwaybrowns » Wed Sep 26, 2018 4:23 pm

Thanks for helping us try to make sense of this alphabet soup! I had read all these terms before, but didn't know what most of them meant.

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