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Email 1 -- Saying hello to students

Posted: Mon Aug 06, 2018 1:08 pm
by admin
Hi Angular students,

Congratulations on taking this class -- it will change the way you look at web development and set you up with the concepts to keep learning about JavaScript Frameworks.

In our first Angular Framework class we covered Chapter 2. We looked at the whole subject -- in one big presentation; it all comes together over time and soon will make more sense. It's powerful and very cool! Just read the assignments and come to class.

• We installed Node.
• We used npm (node package manager) to install a bunch of files that support the Angular Framework.
• We ran the npm to configure our project -- remember? It reads the package.json file to figure what "dependencies" to install and then it runs and goes out to get all those files and copy them to the todo directory.
• We also installed the TypeScript compiler ... we used another JSON file that set it up... (something like tsconfig.json).

That's a lot of stuff!

Ok, good, then we started the application with: npm start.

It was getting late and all of us were confused. So, if you got a bit confused .... it means you were paying attention.... We covered a LOT of information and we will cover it again and again in different ways .... so, I encourage you to not give up early in the game. It will all make sense.... NO PROBLEMS. Just read the book and come to class.

(my attempt at being encouraging)

OK, here is your homework:

1) Read Chapter 3. On Monday we will do a full review of what we covered on Wednesday. No problems. We will cover Chapter 3 and answer questions. If you have time, look over (read) Chapter 4. It's all about HTML and CSS => a great review. I will be covering Chapter 4 on Wednesday and get us ready for our next reading assignment.

3) Go to . Register before class. Post something. It is a two part process; I have to OK your email on my side; so I will be checking to see if you registered.

The code for the course can be found at:

I will be posting more class information on the forum.

Welcome to the class!

James Canavan