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API's are all the rave now; aren't they?

Posted: Mon Sep 10, 2018 8:12 am
by admin
# :) API's are all the rave now; aren't they? Even WordPress has an API. Basically, as you might know, an API gives us a way communicate. Like #linkedin , for example. The picture below shows a box labeled "Python" from a presentation by @tanya describing the construction of a URL (in the #Python Language) to connect to #googlemaps -- obviously to return a map from google. This is an API call. Also, the Python program is supported by #BASH scripting and uses a Postgress dB. The thin long line near the bottom with an arrow pointing left shows the HTTP return fom google. And Lastly, the grouping of symbols in the upper left represents a #JSON (JavaScript Object Notation ) file that also might be returned with the #HTML (from above).
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