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Sent January 12, 2018

Hello JavaScript Students,

1) Welcome to our class. We started studying the textbook up to the middle of Chapter 2. We introduced Visual Studio Code -- a free, powerful, and industry standard IDE, as the platform we will learn (and program) the concepts of the JavaScript Language. And lastly, (perhaps more importantly) we introduced ourselves; we found we have a wide range of students who have little and LOTs of programming experience. Welcome!

2) Homework: Read Chapter 3 & Chapter 4. These are complete and detailed chapters; it will take several hours to read these chapters. Next week we will introduce the basics of JavaScript -- variables, loops, conditionals, functions, objects, etc.. These first chapters introduce the BASICS. The basics are very important... in fact, some of you are already proficient programmers, studying the basics of the Language will get you up to speed.

3) Go to -- sign up, find our Forum Topic for this class (near the bottom) and post something. We don't learn in a vacuum; let's connect via this forum between classes.

Lastly, learning about web technology takes learning something everyday: taking classes, reading technical material, watching videos, going to seminars -- basically, getting interested in the field. In other words, making it fun and easy by appreciating the progress you make. No rush.


(a) Read Chapters 3 and 4 (skim them lightly if you have to),
(b) Go to the class website --> sign-up and introduce yourself,
(c) This is a FAST course... get involved, get interested, take small steps.

Email me directly if you have any questions.

Welcome again!

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Email from JavaScript Teacher - January 15th, 2018 -- No Class Monday (Today)

Hello JavaScript Students,

1) No Class on Monday (today, January 15th, 2018) -- its a holiday.

2) Read Chapter 2 & Chapter 3.

Chapter 2 is about conditionals, if statements, arrays, and loops.

Chapter 3 is about Objects, functions, and Events.

There is a LOT of information here: it's OK to skip the application sections that are in the middle and end of each chapter while you are reading. We will go over these in class -- so, do the best you can. (I strive to be encouraging)

Some of you are professional coders; here are the basics of JavaScript; get use to the syntax for the programming structures you already know about. Focus on the right-side pages.

If you are new to programming, then spend more time on the left-hand side of the book. The class covers the book -- explicitly.

3) Go to ... sign-up, try posting.

For sure, if you have any questions, email me, or make a post to our class website. I will be reading the chapter assignments myself to prepare for Wednesday's class.

See you Wednesday!

James Canavan

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