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Welcome HTML Students,

Today, Wednesday, we introduced how HTML works on the Internet. There are three main files for a website:

*.html (Structure & Content),
*.css (Presentation & Specification),
*.js (Behavior)

HTML and CSS are easy... but, because it DOES so much... it does have a complex use on the Internet. The main idea in this course is to learn about the big-picture.

... also... we started learning about CSS (Cascade Style Sheet)

Selector { Attribute : Value ; }

... Where the Selector picks an HTML Element (<p>stuff in the middle </p>) and then changes some attribute to some value.

We also built our first HTML Website inside our root directory on our desktop.


1. Start Reading at Chapter 3. (page 85) Read a few chapters. Get a General idea and get interested in the subject.

(a) Remember how the textbook is organized: both the left hand side and the right hand side say the same thing. The left-hand side is English. The right hand side is more condense with Code and Tables.

(b) Read quickly to get a general idea. Don’t get bogged down on any ONE thing.

(c) If there is a concept you don't understand -- write it down and move on. Bring your questions to class or post it on the class forum.

2. Go to Register on the website and post something in OUR CLASS Forum (down at the bottom under "HTML -- Jan 7, 2018"

If you have any questions, problems, or issues between classes ... email me back and I will help you.

Welcome again and post a “Hello” on the Class Forum. See you next Monday.

James Canavan

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